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Before I even started my first ISU art piece, this idea was already created in my mind. For this ISU, I tried another risky experiment through fashion. I love hunting for fashion trends and bloggers to learn about the aestheticism of fashion. I enjoy exploring what kind of fashion appeals to the bloggers and the people. By looking through different people’s taste, I think asymmetrical dress or skirt is the biggest hit in the fashion industry so far. Obviously, through this first experiment I wanted to try out a trendy clothing design that will promote my environmental statement: purity, comfort and need. I chose to create a dress because I think fashion is an excellent medium that can combine practicability, wear-ability and art.

In this ISU #4, I want to create an asymmetrical dress that will represent the purity and the beauty of water movements. I really liked how the asymmetrical dress creates a flow movement and dynamism when you walk. When a model walks with an asymmetrical dress worn, the flow the dress imitates the flow of the waves. It shows the beauty of the ocean from the fresh-looking blue and turbulent sea. To present this beauty I expressed through the clothing I created.

I think I had the most struggles and experimentation in this ISU project. First, it took me few days to choose the right clothing for this project. Even though, I found all the materials that I wanted to get, it didn’t give me a result that I expected. The chiffon was too delicate to sew with the elastic band. The chiffon will easily tore up or fray. This is why my dress does not form any ruffles. Secondly, I spread shaving cream and dropped textile paints and whirl the stick. Then, I stamped my chiffon on to the spread to apply the paint on the fabric. It created a marbling effect on the fabric. I wanted to experiment marbling because I think the texture that the marbling creates shows exaggerates the curvy waves. Unlike water marbling, shaving cream helped me to place paint into a stable position from the consistency. Shaving cream helped me to work on marbling easier throughout the process. Lastly, sewing was another challenge for me. I have very little experience with sewing. I wish I learnt or trained myself with sewing so I could have struggled less while i was working on this art piece. However, I think it was a nice experience for me to go through all these struggles throughout my design process because I realized how hard it is to make a clothing and to design.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the work I have produced. I think I had expressed my message to the fullest. I try to express the purity and beauty of the ocean through the colour and texture I have picked. After I made the dress I am happy that I made a dress instead of  a casual and simple shirt because a dress is something that you usually wear for a day or evening time parties. I think using the beauty of the ocean through a dress is a beautiful way to represent aestheticism. Representing the nature makes it more aesthetically appealing about this dress. If I had broader selection or knowledge about fashion and textiles I would like to fix my dress that can be more wearable.

The Cage

This Monday, I presented my third ISU art work to my grade 12 class. My third environmental issue is about human waste. Unlike, any other artwork I created, I made my first jewelry design. Before I jump right into the details about my artwork, I will like to share my research about human waste.

Have we ever thought how we decompose our waste? Have we ever thought who will be responsible of our waste? I assume that most people know the answer to these questions. As most news articles or magazines say, developing countries are the ones who accept all these human waste. The more I research about this issue, the more terrified I feel for these people. People like us who live in nice houses, buildings or flats will usually dump their trash into a large rubbish bin. We think just dumping the trash in the rubbish bin will just sort out everything. But, actually, there are more problems to deal with after that process. All these trashes are sent to developing countries. the people lives there all work in waste management to few pennies every day.  Most of the people have serious lung cancer or even skin cancer;  and these health problems occur because majority of the developing countries’ population are not educated or trained how to decompose waste safely. Even people who are educated like us would not know how to decompose our waste. It is unfair how these people breath in all the polluted air from the burnt waste and get paid that is only a meal worth. This is why I thought I should spread the message for these people. As you see the photos I uploaded, these workers’ homes does not feel homey. These are the people that  desperately“need” home and “comfort”. To spread this idea, I decide to create a statement necklace convey my message in a powerful way.

When I researched about jewelry designs, body chain necklaces and statement necklaces caught my eye the most. It has so much more personality and character than those pendant necklaces. Especially these days, more and more people are becoming confident trying out new trendy fashion. I think statement necklaces and body chain necklaces suit with my topic. While I looked into more bod chain designs, I found a fashion designer named, Alexander Wang. Alexander Wang’s designs are very inspirational for this project. The chunky heels, studded bags, and tightly wrapped band aid dresses somehow suits really well with the idea I was going. From his inspiring works, I decided to buy spikes, rusty chains and beads that had those chemical stain effects. I only wrapped the chain around one shoulder because I wanted to create an asymmetrical balance. This shows that one side of the shoulder symbolizes the toxic air or the harsh decomposing process that the workers need to do. The unwrapped shoulder represents the people who just build a better image for themselves by donating money to the charity. This is why I titled my artwork as “The Cage”  I strongly believe that people need to plan better to bring purity, comfort and need to countries that needs.

I put my personal effort to this art piece by picking the perfect material to create a body chain. Even though it did not take me long to create this, it was time consuming when I was searching for the materials. Instead of using polished gold or silver chains I used rusty chain instead to show the characteristics of landfills. Also, I dyed strings and make messy knots to connect with the chains so I can create distressed look overall. The chain stained beads represents the toxic chemical from the waste and lastly, the spike symbolizes the pain and sufferings that the workers need to go through every day.

I understand that my necklace is not easily wearable for daily basis but, I think it will be a good accessory for the people who have bold fashion styles. Also, who are interested wearing gothic clothing can use this body chain to complete their outfit. If i want my jewelry to be recognized by people, I will first send free jewelry to famous fashion bloggers to help me promote good nature environment to their followers. After my design gets famous, I would make more collection of these rusty chain necklaces. Overall, I am satisfied with my artwork because I wanted to make an artwork that can be worn. For my next ISU, I hope I can bring another satisfactory artwork to my collection!

Big Inspiration Update.

Hello Again!

Hope you had enjoyed my two recent post about the exhibition and my new ISU project! Today I will like to update my daily inspiration. As I have told you, my interest towards photography is growing day by day. The more I learn the more I get disappointing. I feel like I still have a long way to go, to become a photographer that can express artistic quality. Anyways, going back to the topic of my daily inspiration! I get my inspiration from other student’s photography work. Young Photographers work can easily be found in facebook pages. Some of the inspiring young photographers I found art

Lauren Engël Photography

Wendy LIU | Photography

Sophia Li Photography

Yes, they are all quite amazing photographer and editors! All three of these photographers aim for fashion but, if you take a close look they also take pictures of Hong Kong scenery, travelling spots and etc. Honestly, I’m quite jealous in a way how they can be a successful photographer that this age. In some way, I thank Facebook or any other communication medias that help us to be connected with others and always shine ourselves to the public. Some day, i wish, i reach to this position as well. I guess that will take sometime but, all it is important is your passion and never losing that big dream inside you.

Everyday i’m trying to spend 30 minutes of my busy school life to explore in photography, art and hunt down for new inspiring role models for my future. This weekend, somehow I went to this shopping mall called “K11” and this shopping mall is the most artsy place i can find in Hong Kong. I can see young jewelry designers, illustrators, and sculptors at this place. Luckily, i got to see a bunch of artists! Click on the picture to enlarge your view!

Art Trip!




“INSIDE OUT” Poster as part of JR’s “Pattern” exhibition at Galerie Perrotin

His photographic work motivated me to explore in photography more. The reason I admire his work so much is because the statement or the focal point is so bold and strong. By producing this photograph it gives me the sense of awareness of the community. Another reason I enjoyed looking around his exhibition is his interactive media. Being part JR Pattern makes me feel involved and also become the subject matter of the photographic work. From this trip, i gain inspiration and motivation towards art. I feel lucky and special that i get a chance to look at his work in front of me.  His paintings and my first impression still lingers inside me.

I highly recommend you to click the link below to know why the artist take photos of people’s eye. I hope my inspiration has transferred to you. Enjoy!

Drunken Soil


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             Two weeks have passed and I finished my second ISU artwork. I was very excited to see the result for this second ISU project because I created new challenge for myself. My ISU theme is about ‘Purity, Comfort, and Need’ my main challenge for this ISU project was to promote good environment that has purity and comfort. To heal our polluted environment, we first need to identify our problems; and in this ISU I will show my observers the shocking environmental issues that are occurring today. The environmental issue I want to show for this art work is about soil contamination. We might have heard about global warming everyday but, we haven’t look through the problems quite yet. Based on my research, I think soil contamination is one of the largest environmental issues we need to deal with. Soil is raw material to produce vegetation. We feed ourselves and make ourselves healthy by receiving these gifts from our nature. However, we never gave back anything to the nature. We rather make them sick by producing fuel emission and increasing human waste products. Also, because we are lazy workers we create toxic pesticides to kill the bugs around our vegetation and contaminate our soil. We might be admiring these new inventions we created but, this is will only give us a short term benefit.

Collecting my knowledge and thoughts about our foolish behaviors to nature, I decided to create a painting about soil contamination. For this artwork, I have not directly conveyed the message because I thought creating a representational art is a bit too boring and not expressive. Besides, as a young teenager, I think all young artist should be more rebellious on classical art. We should create art that is more imaginative and creative. To make myself as an active young artist, I decided to make a new interpretation of my inspired artist, Francis Bacon’s painting. To give a bit my knowledge about Francis Bacon, he is one of the artists and depicts the darkness and pain of an individual. His distorted portraits, the screaming pope, and the hell-like background of painting really describe the hell and the inner pain we all have in ourselves. Francis Bacon expresses these pains because; we want to express his grief and pain of his lost lover, George Dyer. Using his theme of pain,

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I used a photograph of screaming nurse that is wounded by being smashed with the spectacles. This screaming nurse will personify the soil contamination. This is why I titled my artwork as “Drunken Soil” to show that the soil is sick and drunken with all sort of toxic chemical.

In my artwork, I painted the screaming nurse face with a pale greenish blue tone so I can show the sickness through her face. I also added chemical floods and stains behind the nurse’s face. The bright colours show the various type of toxic chemical that is flooding in the soil. The reason I put a dark background is to make the nurse’s face stand out and convey my indirect message to my viewers. Lastly, I wanted to show the causes of soil contamination so I painted few pipes to show how sewages create the flood of polluted water. In this painting, I try to create layers to not make art piece look like a flat 2D painting. So I experimented with the Coarse Alumina (sand mixed with glue), Gold Mica Flakes, and textured papers to imitate the texture of the soil.

While I was working on this painting I went through few struggles. The first I struggle was the composition of my painting. My rough sketch was similar to the final painting but, the only difference was that the painting had buildings and pipes in the background. At the end, I decided to take away the buildings and paint only few pipes to keep the main focus on the nurse’s face. By eliminating my ideas, help me to create a good composition of my painting. Secondly, I was excited for this project but I pressured to finish my artwork to meet the deadlines. I feel like when I am pressured, I get more concentrated into my art. Also, I think extending my work time for each day helps me keep concentration for a long time.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with this artwork, I feel less nervous compare to the last artwork. I felt like I was more planned and organized throughout the process. This artwork gave me a new way to express my painting. The challenge made me enjoy making this artwork more. Hope I could challenge myself more and build more experience throughout the next art projects I will make.

Old To New Aesthetics

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Inspiration for the Modern Aesthetic Trends

We all live in a society where it has trends and fashion. Many of us follow through this “modern” trend to update their aesthetic sight. For today’s journal, i decide to write a little note about the current trends for fashion. The reason I am writing a journal about the modern aesthetic trend is because to show the continuity and changes from Art Nouveau Mucha Style to high fashion photography. Based on my research and my observational skills, I think dip dyed hair, neon colors  patterned chiffon blouses, denim are on trend. Women are becoming more confident when they wear neon clothing, patterned pants and blouses because the colours and the details of the pattern makes women looks fancy and dressed. Also, by following these trends all women feels like they are participating and becoming one of those high fashion women. Many women and young teenagers wants to look unique but, also stylish from other people’s sight.


Part One

1.     What is the story behind the art piece?

Mucha designed many posters and magazine illustrations and became one of the foremost designers in the Art Nouveau style. It was an attempt to redefine the meaning and nature of the work of art. It was a way of thinking about modern society and new production methods.

2.     What was the society like during that time?

During the 1920s, people called the era as ‘Roaring Twenties’. It was when the technology improved and economic prosperity sustained. During this period, entertainment and art peaked. Many people went to theatre, restaurants and enjoy listening to music. People at that time improved their quality of lifestyle. Many people were low-middle class and they had enough living to enjoy for themselves. Young women and housewives were into fashion, beauty and etc. Art Nouveau was popular because people enjoyed their lives at that time because cultures and entertainment were focused by many people.

3.     What makes it “beautiful” in the context of the society and its condition? Find 3 criteria in your art.(ex. Boys must dress up in dresses for portraits during the Victorian period to show wealth EX.John Singleton Copley’s portrait of young Thomas Aston Coffin, or a painting called “Hobby Horse”)

luxuriantly flowing strands of hair, heavy-lidded eyes, and full-lipped mouths—as well as his presentation of the female image as ornamental, reveal the influence of the English Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic on Mucha makes it “beautiful” in the context of the society and its condition

4.     What Aesthetic theory does it fall under? Explain.

I think the art nouveau style falls under expressionism and representation. Mucha’s artworks are not realistic like most representational art but, it has imitation and mimesis of an idealistic woman figure. Mucha imitated the flowing strands of hair, face features and the drapes pretty realistically. The figures look proportional. However, in some extent Mucha’s painting fall under expressionism because it shows the mood, feeling and expression of inner emotions. Mucha creates his own idealistic woman. He uses different patterns, laces and flowers to present the beauty of a woman figure. Also these decorative patterns try to push the observer to look at Mucha’s idealistic woman.

5.     What are some objective and subjective questions people of the time would ask


Is the female another mucha’s idealistic woman?Would there be a woman in the painting in reality? Does the woman in the painting have all the qualities of an idealistic woman?


Is the model in the painting beautiful?What do you think it is the new trend for fashion in woman?

Part Three

1.     What is the message of this art piece? Why did you use these materials? Do they have any effect on your message?

The message of this art piece is to show idealistic aesthetic beauty of women from the past and present. I used a thin, black marker and water colours for my materials to emphasize the drape details and show delicacy of the beauty of women.

2.     How does it illustrate our society today?

It illustrate our society today by showing the society’s standard aesthetic view of women from past to present. The idealistic features of women are created because the society idealizes a women like in the fashion magazine of Art Nouveau’s painting.

3.     What makes it “beautiful” in the context of our society and its condition?

It makes “beautiful” in the context of our society and its condition by showing the common idealistic feature of women. The majority of the population finds it aesthetic when they see Art Noveau Mucha style.

4.     What Aesthetic theory does it fall under? Explain.

I think it falls into Expressionism because the painting involves the artist’s view of beautiful women and show the artist’s imaginations of women. His thoughts and ideas are expressed through the details of the women’s clothing and decorative background.

5.     What are some objective and subjective questions people would ask?

Objective: Is this considered as art? What is main idealistic feature the artist exaggerated?

Subjective: Why is it beautiful to you? What makes this painting so sensual.

6.     What have you learned about studying the past and present trends and aesthetic tastes?

After I studied the past and present trends and aesthetic tastes, I learnt that I can still find a lot of common aesthetic views are passed on from generations to generations and we see aesthetic in human figures.

ISU: The Beauty of Unpolluted Nature

ISU Artwork #1  – Artist Statement

Carolyn Kang

    Artists get inspiration from their life, sight and memory. What I see and what I feel on that day creates art. Using my daily life sensory and inspiration, I am challenged to make six art works that I am most interested into to help me to stand out my individualism, perception and creativity. I decide to create six art works that relates to purity, comfort and need. I will define what purity, comfort and need means from my perception. By presenting one of the environmental issues will frame the theme of purity, comfort and need.

        My first ISU art work is like the introduction of my theme. The essential element, purity, comfort and need will be presented lightly. I titled this art work as “The Beauty of Unpolluted Nature”. Like what the title say I will show what purity is and comfort is in an unpolluted world. I am not imitating the unpolluted nature in details but, I am symbolically imitating the unpolluted nature.

My art could be categorized as a sculptural piece, collage or redesigned product. Honestly, I did try creating an artwork that looks like a sculpture, collage or a redesigned product. But, my goal for this artwork is to show where papers, cardboard, Popsicle sticks came from. Any objects we own originated from the nature. We use natural resources to create, phones, shoes, books, Starbucks paper cups and etc. To show my observer where these materials originated I challenged myself to use recycle materials to imitate the unpolluted nature. Unpolluted nature is a place where human didn’t destroy other living things.

To describe the meaning of my artwork, I selected few words that represent nature, landscape pictures from magazines, paper cup holders, strings and Popsicle sticks. I was very picky which photos, words, strings, and cup holders I should use for my artwork because every medium I used had to symbolize the unpolluted nature accurately. Some of the photos represent comfort for people (pictures of home) and some represent comfort for plants and animals (photos of underwater and scenery of waterfall and mountains). Using those photos I traced few words that describe the unpolluted nature. (Nature, beauty, powerful, original, handle with care, unpolluted, home, purity, comfort and lifelike).

Throughout the process, there was lot of changes and struggles for my project. My project evolves and changes since I first began this project. I thought I could show the beauty of unpolluted nature if I use acrylic paint to realistically paint scenery of rainforest. But, I felt like I need to more meaningful ideas and develop my ideas further. At last, I came to a conclusion to make my project using only recycled materials to describe the nature. The choice of words and materials I chose make the artwork more meaningful and challenging. While, I was evolving my project, I went through some struggles. First, I lacked time to produce my work. I needed to take all my afternoons and evenings to meet my deadlines and I was concerned if my artwork will produce a good unity after I complete my artwork. To overcome these struggles, I only used earthly colors and give some highlight using emerald green and white. Overcoming these struggles, help me to apply the element and principles of design. I created unity of my artwork using limited colors, and applying similar balance using the same materials for each paper cup holders.

After I made this artwork, I learnt how to become expressive in a symbolic way. I try to put every little ideas i thought of unpolluted nature in this artwork. For this artwork, I feel like i invested significant amount of time to pour in my personal effort. It took time to collect my materials and cut out all the words I want to describe for my art. If I was to display my art in a professional fashion, I think presenting in café will be suitable. While people pass by getting their coffee they can take a look at my artwork they can enjoy their coffee. It will make them notice that the coffee they drink everyday creates new waste. Overall, I am satisfied with the materials I chosen for this; and I think I manipulated the materials effectively because it creates a strong connection between nature and disaster that people made.

A type of art that appeals to my senses.

Do you like it ? or not?

I share,  you enjoy :DDDD


Good Monday to ya! Today’s featured artist is from New York (a place I sadly have yet to visit…but it’s at the top of my list!!). Any’s work is a reflection of nature and the human influence. I am really digging his paintings, the geometrics, and the little splashes of rainbow colours. Please visit Andy’s website to see more of his awesome work!

That’s all for today. Have a good one!

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